An Urgent Question on Food Price Inflation

This morning I asked the Secretary of State to make a statement on food price inflation, and I was staggered by his response.

He sounded like a commentator rather than the Minister responsible for food security in this country

The reality for many people in Oldham and up and down the country is: work is no longer a route out of poverty after 12 years of this rotten Government. Too many people are working multiple jobs and still struggling to make ends meet, 68% of people in poverty are in work! Working is not a route out of poverty after 12 years of this rotten Government.

I see it in Oldham, people who are coming for food parcels now are not in temporary crisis, but permanent crisis, in debt! They’re wearing NHS uniforms, coming to collect food parcels to put food on the table.

Let’s look at the public sector you know, bear in mind, the NHS serve 140 million meals a year schools 600 million meals a year, prisons 90 million meals a year those cost inflations have an impact on frontline services as well as household budgets.

And for households, it’s on top of inflation, on top of energy on top of mortgage payments going up on top of petrol and diesel going up and on top of taxes going up.

And what intervention has the Government actually made in practice?

‘Take the bus for a ride for the day to keep warm’.

‘Try and live off 30p a meal’

or, ‘Do you know what, just work that bit harder and you’ll be fine’.

Well the number of working people in poverty is the highest since records began.

Watch more here ⤵

Published by JimfromOldham

Labour and Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton

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