Let’s welcome Royton investment

I very much welcome the announcement by Oldham Council to invest £2m in the modernisation of Royton’s historic town hall to form a new community hub.


Royton Town Hall was opened in 1880 and holds a commanding position on Rochdale Road greeting visitors from Rochdale and Oldham along the main road.

Established as the home of the Local Board it served local government in Royton until the creation of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham which brought together Oldham and its surrounding townships. Continue reading “Let’s welcome Royton investment”


Oldham Chronicle Archive

MY OFFICE has received a number of emails from former employees and residents following the announcement that the Oldham Chronicle has been placed into administration.

Much concern remains about the retention of the rich archive of photos and records covering much of the period since it was established 163 years ago.

With over 1 million images held on plates, negatives, photographs and digital images it represents a significant collection of Oldham history which must be preserved.


I have been in touch with KPMG administrators to express my concern and have asked that they work to ensure that the collection can be retained in Oldham. Continue reading “Oldham Chronicle Archive”

There is more at stake than a headline

NEWS that the Oldham Evening Chronicle has gone into administration will hit Oldham hard. More than a newspaper it is part of our heritage, our community and has worked hard to help build a future for us too.


Observers of the media will have seen the demise of the printed press and with it the cracks in the foundations of our democracy. Freedom of speech is important and it’s aided significantly by quality journalism based on research, facts and balance. Continue reading “There is more at stake than a headline”

Brexit smooth landing

THE UK is rudderless as the weakened Tory government continue without a plan, a negotiating position or perhaps even more importantly a vision of what Britain can be after we leave the EU.

Labour’s position on Brexit during the referendum was clear. We believed our country’s interests were best served as a full member of the European Union. Like the vast majority of Labour MPs I campaigned to Remain and believe still that it was the right stance to take.

Following the referendum result I, together with the vast majority of Labour MPs voted to Trigger Article 50.  Labour has also been consistent in both respecting the result of the referendum and in ensuring that rather than Brexit being used to cause further division; we speak for everyone in country in fighting for the best deal when leaving. Continue reading “Brexit smooth landing”