Looking back: Old Town Hall fixtures

During the course of the refurbishment of the Old Town Hall fixtures and fittings were removed from the then ‘safe room’, which was the former ball room with a steel door securing its contents from would-be-thieves.

When work started on the Old Town Hall to create the wonderful cinema we see today the old fixtures and fittings were taken away in to secure off site storage. I had the opportunity to view them a few years ago and came across the photos in my archive.


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Looking back: Chadderton Baths

I’ve started to organise my photos – of which there are many – and came across these photos of Chadderton Baths before it was sold.

The public swimming baths opened in 1937 and stayed in use until its closure in 2006 following a structural survey which deemed it unsafe for continued use. It was replaced in 2009 by a new £9million ‘wellbeing centre’ at which point the former sports centre adjacent to the old baths was also closed.

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Let’s welcome Royton investment

I very much welcome the announcement by Oldham Council to invest £2m in the modernisation of Royton’s historic town hall to form a new community hub.


Royton Town Hall was opened in 1880 and holds a commanding position on Rochdale Road greeting visitors from Rochdale and Oldham along the main road.

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Oldham Chronicle Archive

MY OFFICE has received a number of emails from former employees and residents following the announcement that the Oldham Chronicle has been placed into administration.

Much concern remains about the retention of the rich archive of photos and records covering much of the period since it was established 163 years ago.

With over 1 million images held on plates, negatives, photographs and digital images it represents a significant collection of Oldham history which must be preserved.


I have been in touch with KPMG administrators to express my concern and have asked that they work to ensure that the collection can be retained in Oldham. Continue reading “Oldham Chronicle Archive”