Transparency and accountability

You can find more information on a range of transparency and accountability matters here;

  • Appointments
    • This contains a full list of responsibilities and appointments inside and outside parliament.
  • Contributions to Parliamentary debates
    • This shows a full schedule of parliamentary debates. When serving as a member of the Shadow Cabinet, these will almost always be related to the departmental responsibility where there are restrictions in place on speaking on matters within other departments.
  • Expenses
    • These include costs covering staffing in Oldham and London, train fares to and from London, and accommodation in London while away from home. It also includes all costs of running the constituency office including rent, stationary and IT equipment.
    • No connected parties, such as family members are employed.
    • Standard train travel is always used, unless the First Class ticket is cheaper when making the booking, though this has not been the case for a number of years.
    • No expense claims are made for my own expenses including parking, mileage, food or drink.
    • Claims relating to a TV Licence Fee is for my constituency office in Oldham, not my family home or rented accommodation in London. TV License Fees for homes are not an allowable expense under the scheme. It it our understanding that the law requires a licence to be in place for viewing all live streamed content for any device plugged into a mains socket, including laptop and desktop computers, on any platform, for instance Sky News. These platforms/sites are used in preparing video and social media content, and for the routine monitoring current affairs and news. My office in London is included in the license covering the Parliamentary estate.
    • Small claims can appear and are often published ‘below £1’. These will not be individual claims made and will always have been included in a larger invoice, usually an office stationary order. When ordered through the official parliamentary stationary supplier Banner, items are accounted for separately for full transparency.
  • Register of Financial Interests
    • This includes information on any financial interests declarable under parliamentary rules including other paid employment, income from surveys, which are usually gifted to local charities, projects and good causes, and any political donations.
  • Voting Record
    • This shows a full schedule of how I have voted. On the very rare occasion I have not been in attendance to vote, it would have always been ‘paired’ with an absent Conservative MP, so as not to impact on the result overall. There will be occasions when the policy position of the Labour Party will be to abstain from a particular vote, in this situation no ‘pairing’ arrangement will be in place. Commonly this relates to Bills where there will be disagreement on the provisions contained within the law, but it falling would have worse implications than it passing even in its current form.
  • Written ministerial questions
    • This shows a full schedule of parliamentary questions, which are mostly related to my frontbench responsibilities.
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