Greater Manchester Spatial Framework initial view

The 2016 proposal saw the north of the borough taking the strain of greenbelt development and lead to a significant overdevelopment. Under the proposals important greenbelt land which provides an important buffer between towns would have been removed, particularly between Royton and Rochdale and Royton and Oldham (towards St James’).

There is little doubt that there were strong views on the GM Spatial Framework, evidenced by over 27,000 submissions across the city region. As the plan prepares the foundation for development to 2037 it is vital it is done right, and that it meets the ambition for residents in Greater Manchester; it’s vital they not only have a voice but feel a positive part of the future.

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Appreciating the value of pubs

The traditional British pub is on the decline with as many as 18 closing a week and as many as 25% lost since 2001 alone. But beyond the headlines they still are vital public spaces to socialise, relax and feel part of a community.

In Oldham West and Royton the beer and pub industry supports 76 pubs and 1,218 jobs. The contribution to the economy is significant bringing in £25.5m to the local economy and paying £13.1m in taxes to support public services and investment.

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New Year, new transport costs

It’s that time of year when the Christmas decorations come down and it suddenly its back to work for millions of commuters across the country.

It’s also the time of year when the travel price increases really hit the headlines, across buses, trains and trams commuters will be paying more to get to and from work.

Despite painful timetable problems and the cancellation of thousands of trains Northern Rail, which run services from New Moston and Mills Head stations serving Oldham West & Royton constituents, have announced a hike of 3.2% is to go ahead. Continue reading “New Year, new transport costs”

Annie Comes Home!

After two years of fundraising Oldham received its stunning Annie Kenney statue in Parliament Square, with the main speech by Maxine Peake.

Inspiring performances and personal stories, and stand out Choir, at Gallery Oldham provided a perfect start to the day before hundreds gathering to march behind Oldham Youth Brass Band to the Old Town Hall. Continue reading “Annie Comes Home!”

Oldham Post Office Closure

Along with other local MPs, Debbie Abrahams and Angela Rayner, as well as the Communication Workers Union, I have called on Post Office Limited to halt their planned closure of the branch in Oldham Town Centre.

Post Office

Post Office Limited, owned by the Department for Business, Skills and Industrial Strategy, plan to close the branch and relocate to a smaller, reduced service to WH Smiths in Oldham Town Centre. It will lead to a reduced service, the loss of an institution on the high street and the transferring of jobs from a public employer to a private one. On the latter, CWU are concerned this will impact on the wages and conditions of the workers concerned. Continue reading “Oldham Post Office Closure”