Budget 2017: backtracking on 7 years of Tory damage, but missing the path to repairing our public services

DURING HIS budget speech today the Chancellor called the Tories the Government of the future. There were certainly a lot of superficial giveaways designed to make us feel good and massage the chronic problems our country faces, but they failed even to boost the energy of backbench Tories.

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Supporting Parliament Week 2017!


Oldham Hulme Grammar School Parliament Week Event .

My first visit as part of Parliament week was attending the fantastic Oldham Hulme Grammar School.  I was impressed with the week-long activities the school held such as Mock referendums, promoting Local Council and Youth Council Elections and discussing how democracy works in the UK.

It is always unnerving to speak to students as in my experience some of the most challenging and interesting questions come from our Youth. I discussed what my role as a Member of Parliament entails, my work in Parliament and the importance of Participation in democracy, followed by a great Q & A session from the students!.


An Inspirational show of appreciation for The Blessed John Henry Newman RC College Year of 2017!

After a long week in Parliament it was a pleasure to have been invited to The Blessed John Henry Newman RC College Presentation evening celebrating the fantastic achievements of the Year 11 students. The atmosphere in the school, the vibe in the hall where excited students, the proud staff and parents had congregated waiting for the event to start was moving . The sense of unity and community was felt throughout the school hall.

It was an honour to have been invited as the Chief Guest and to have been able to have been a part of a special evening. A big well done to all the dedicated staff and my sincere best wishes to all the students for a bright and successful future ! .