Visits and Events


Visits to Parliament

Visits to the Houses of Parliament are organised by the Outreach Service. Visits by schools and community organisations in the constituency are free of charge when booked through your local MP.

To arrange a visit simply email my office. I will ensure that on the day of your visit I am available to join you and your group before or after the official tour.


Visits to Parliament by schools

The Parliamentary Outreach service provide an excellent service to support schools visiting Houses of Parliament.

Educational visits by schools and community groups may be eligible for subsidised transport. For Oldham West & Royton you may receive support of 50% of your travel costs up to £800 per group visit.

Visit the Parliamentary Outreach Service HERE

I will always endeavour to meet visitations from the constituency to Westminster and appreciate as much notice as possible to ensure I can be available.


Other visits to Parliament

MPs can host other visits by groups or individuals to Houses of Parliament though they are limited in number because they can take a significant amount of time to organise and facilitate properly.

No charge will ever be made or accepted for visits to the Houses of Parliament when booked through your MP although you will have to pay your own out of pocket expenses such as transport.

Constituency visits

MP’s are always keen to visit schools, community organisations, local business and events in the constituency. There isn’t a definitive list of places where MPs can visit because they act as ambassadors for the whole constituency.

Requests may be declined if visits are requested to events or venues which are thought, in the opinion of the MP to be inappropriate.

Constituency visits will usually be arranged on Fridays and Saturdays when Parliament sits, and throughout Recess. Dates will be provided when you write in.