Social Media Policy

You can follow my work on social media on Twitter or Facebook. I haven’t worked out the rest yet.

Twitter is used for short updates or comments. It is not monitored all the time. Posts and/or replies may be from my office. My Twitter handle is @JimFromOldham

Facebook is used to update constituents on local activity, visits, issues and neighbourhood casework which might be of interest. It is not always monitored and replies to comments are not usually given due to the volume of comments which are received throughout the day, evening and weekends. Posts and/or replies may be from my office. You can find me on Facebook at Jim McMahon.

Please bare in mind I don’t spend my life on social media, though it feels like it at times. I am usually working in parliament or the constituency. I also like to rest now and again, take the dog for a walk and see the kids.

Where a post has had significant comments and interest I’ll usually post a general comment in response.

If you are affected by any issue raised, or would like to raise a new issue please note that we do not accept casework by social media. All casework is recorded and tracked to ensure you get a good service and issues are resolved. Email is always better but you are welcome to call the office too.

We only accept casework from constituents living in Oldham West and Royton.

Please do not post persistent messages, harass or make accusations to provoke a reply. It will result in you being banned. Abusive comments will be hidden or users banned from the page.

We should all respect each other even when we disagree.

Any racist, homophobic or other hate speech will be reported to Facebook or appropriate authority.

I welcome alternative views, but my Twitter feed and Facebook page isn’t to be used to promote other agendas or political parties.

Please remember that social media is only one form of communication. My office deals with thousands every year and prioritise all incoming casework. I explain more about how my office deals with casework here.

You can also find updates on policy positions and my views on this website where I post regular blogs on current events affecting Oldham and the UK.

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