A visit to OL1!

OL1 have been a fantastic community hub since their establishment in 2015. The group is made up of volunteers who come together along with local stakeholders to see how better they can improve the area they live in with a goal of encouraging community growth.

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Votes @ 16 visit to Hathershaw College

It was a real privilege to meet with Year 10 students from Hathershaw College in Oldham. The event was held as part of the ‘Equaliteas’ project (https://equaliteas.org.uk/) to promote democracy in the 100th anniversary of the vote for women.

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Why Being Poor Can Cost the Earth

Originally published by the Fabian Society:

Our economy has been hollowed out. More families are in work but struggling to make ends meet as underemployment, job insecurity and low pay dominates the lives of too many. On top of that millions of people pay more of what little they have for basic goods and services.

Poverty premium means that people living in poverty or on a low income are often paying more for the same goods and services than people who are better-off financially. Research from the University of Bristol suggests that this could cost low income families on average £490 a year. Of course, averages can hide extremes. In its worst manifestations, poverty premium can cost some households over £1000 a year.

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Some good news on Freehold Metrolink station!

The issues of anti-social behaviour on and around the Freehold Metro link has been a problem since the line’s opening in 2012. I since elected to Parliament have been liaising with TFGM and local residents to reach a solution to this issue.

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