Oldham Skilled Trades Summer School

IMG_1390[1]In a ground breaking Summer School programme I am working in partnership with Oldham College and local secondary schools to give young people practical, on the job experience of skilled trades.

Employment in trade professions give skills and training which society needs. They are the backbone of our country and provide a good standard of living for those working in those industries, offering a medium salary of £28,000 a year. Higher level qualified positions such as Electrical Engineers can earn up to £45,000.

The country faces a crisis if we are not able to train the next generation and employers report a skills gap of 42%, where they fail to fill vacancies because those applying simply do not have the skills and qualifications needed.

Skilled trades covers a wide range of professions including Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Heating and Gas, Motor Vehicle and Joinery.

We have secured placements at some of the boroughs largest employers including First Choice Homes, Unity Partnership, Diodes PLC and Tunnel Engineering.

We must thank sponsors who have made this programme possible who include Oldham College, Oldham Enterprise Trust, and the GMB Trade Union. We are also proud to be supported by Positive Steps Oldham.


For businesses

We are looking for your support to provide meaningful and supported places for young people during the summer half term.

In return you will let support, advice and guidance as well the opportunity to pass on your skilled trade to the next generation.

You will be contacted by Positive Steps Oldham who have a vast amount of experience in assessing the suitability of your work environment, carry out appropriate risk assessments and prepare a Job Description for the young person during their placement.

You will have a key contact to give advice and support throughout the programme and we’d be delighted if you would attend a celebration dinner to see for yourself the difference the programme had made to young people.


For young people

You will take part in a structured programme of training and on the job experience in a range of skilled trades such as electrical and mechanical, heating and plumbing, motor trades as well as some construction placements.

Your child must be available on all the dates shown and you must be available to attend with your child at a special celebration event where you will hear first-hand their experience of the programme.

It is important that we only allocate these limited places to young people who will value the experience.

We will ask that you offer support and ensure that they turn up on time, work hard and recognise the special opportunity they are being given.

We will have a fund in place for those on low incomes to meet the cost of meals and travel where needed. If you are able to cover the cost for your child that would help reduce the overall cost of the programme. Any specialist clothing will be provided.

As well as practical experience you will be supported to gain ‘softer skills’ to build your confidence and prepare you for the next step in your career when you leave school.

Each placement will be screened by Positive Steps Oldham who have a wealth of experience in supporting work experience placements and ongoing support, advice and guidance will be provided during the programme.


The programme

Pre-placement meeting

We will discuss the programme and placements on offer and will use this to match you with the most suitable local employer.

1 day Introduction

You will attend Oldham College to see the wide and impressive range of workshops which give practical training in all skilled trades including electrical, heating and gas, mechanical and automotive.

8 days placement

You will spend eight days in a work environment with a local employer.

You will receive a visit during this time by Jim McMahon MP.

1 day team and confidence building

You will attend a day at Oldham Fire Station with professional team building coaches.

We will spend time on building confidence, self awareness and skills in public speaking.

The afternoon will be spent with Firefighters who will talk through the service and give live demonstrations.

Celebration event

We will bring together young people, parents and employers together with those who have supported to programme for dinner and presentations.


For more information please contact;

Ms Arooj Shah

Constituency Office of Jim McMahon MP
Textile House
Union Street

Telephone 0161 652 8485

Email Arooj.shah@parliament.uk