A great visit to Oasis Academy, Oldham

IT WAS great to meet with Nigel Whittle (Principal) at Oasis Academy Oldham to hear first-hand the important work they are doing to make sure all students achieve to their highest potential.

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Looking back: Chadderton Baths

I’ve started to organise my photos – of which there are many – and came across these photos of Chadderton Baths before it was sold.

The public swimming baths opened in 1937 and stayed in use until its closure in 2006 following a structural survey which deemed it unsafe for continued use. It was replaced in 2009 by a new £9million ‘wellbeing centre’ at which point the former sports centre adjacent to the old baths was also closed.

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Conference season is always a busy time!

FOR ME, conference is a perfect opportunity to see and hear from Labour colleagues from across local government. Speaking at fringe events was perfect for this, and I spoke on a range of subjects – from giving more power to local communities, to exploring how everyone can benefit from economic growth.


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A Labour Government would clamp down on animal cruelty

THE LAWS around animal cruelty are grossly outdated and mean offenders are not being properly punished. However the Government refuse to listen to people’s concerns, leaving animals at risk of cruelty.

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