Boundary Commission – final recommendations

The Boundary Commission has presented its final recommendations to Government.

The process started in 2011 under the then Tory and Lib Dem government and sought to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 within constituencies of roughly equal size.

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 A crisis of indifference

Hundreds of councillors and council leaders gathered in Birmingham last week to discuss the big issues facing local government. But it while the sun was shining bright there was a destiny dark cloud over head.

We’ve become used to hearing of the dramatic and disproportionate cuts affecting local government. We’ve seen in every community – though some much more than others – the real impact as basic services have been reduced, facilities lost and a fire sale on land and property.

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We need a properly funded social care system, with greater devolved powers to local areas like ours

A nation should be judged on how it invests in the next generation, and how it looks after those who have contributed all their lives to our country. On both tests the government has consistently failed.
Earlier this year, the Secretary of State for Health announced a forthcoming green paper which will lay out plans to tackle the country’s escalating adult social care crisis. A decade on from the financial crisis and after eight hard years of cuts to local authorities, there has been little action on putting in place a foundation of fair funding for the future. Meanwhile, there has been at best a half-hearted effort to devolve and forge integrated health provision at a city and local level. The green paper must address a range of key challenges.

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