UK Youth Parliament annual sitting

I was honoured to be invited to attend the annual sitting of the UK Youth Parliament supported by the British Youth Council.

Since selecting Votes at 16 as my Private Members Bill I have been keen to get out to generate support for the Bill and to hear first hand why young people feel so passionately about the issue.

The panel debate was engaging with questions relating to policy, personality politics and the changing role of the media in elections.

I took the time afterwards to ask Members of the Youth Parliament to contact their local MPs to secure support and attendance on 3rd November debate. Within a few hours Jess Phillips MP and Wes Streeting MP tweeted their support.

Supporting Oldham Pride

I was delighted to show my support this Saturday (29th July 2017) at the annual Oldham Pride event.

Each year the event grows in attendance and provides a positive focus for members of the LGBT community in Oldham and the wider community to promote equality, love and tolerance.

The rain just about held off for most of the day too.

Well done to the organisers!

Another broken Tory transport promise

“Billions for London, uncertainty for Manchester” – read the headline in my local paper this week. The government’s broken promises to the north reached new heights after plans for a long over-due re-haul of the northern rail system were shelved. To rub salt into the wound, Crossrail 2 – the proposed north to south answer to Crossrail 1 – was given the green-light by ministers.What was at stake was the electrification of rail lines all across the north west. Continue reading “Another broken Tory transport promise”