The biggest tax burden in 70 years amidst a cost of living crisis

The Chancellor seems to be unaware of the scale of the challenge that so many families and businesses in Chadderton, Oldham and Royton face in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis. The Office for Budget Responsibility has confirmed that we face the biggest hit to households’ income since records began in the 1950’s.

We heard from Iceland supermarket boss Richard Walker this morning that some foodbanks are rejecting potatoes and root veg because people can’t afford the energy bills to boil them, and yet the government have failed once again to provide support to those on the lowest incomes, who are having to turn to foodbanks.

The decision to continue to raise taxes and national insurance to the highest level in 70 years, only to offer crumbs before a general election is unbelievably cynical and people will see through it.

People across Oldham need real support today, not in two years’ time, they need to know that the government is on their side when they face rising food, fuel and utility bills and the Chancellor has failed today. Not following Labour’s plan for a windfall tax on huge oil and gas companies and supporting those who need it most with up to £600 off their energy bills.

Published by JimfromOldham

Labour and Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton

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