Labour calls on the Government to tackle HGV crisis

On a joint visit today in Oldham, Keir Starmer MP, Leader of the Labour Party and Jim McMahon MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, call on the Government to get a grip on the HGV driver shortage.

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“The haulage sector is trying to save Christmas, get medical supplies to where they’re needed and keep our forecourts open, whilst the government is missing in action with their out of office on. This is a crisis made in Downing Street but so far being mopped up by businesses and workers.

“The industry has warned they need 15,000 extra drivers to meet Christmas food deliveries alone, which a sticking plaster bootcamp scheme just isn’t going to deliver.

“This government must break the habit of their decade in power by acting with the urgency required before yet another Christmas is ruined by Tory failure.

“Ministers need to listen to industry to build a secure HGV workforce. They must set out how exactly they are going to attract people to training, including by listening to Labour’s plan to create more apprenticeships. And ultimately address how they are going to improve pay and conditions for this vital sector.”

Jim McMahon MP, Shadow Transport Secretary and Member of Parliament for Oldham West and Royton said:

“It’s great to welcome Kier to Oldham today to talk to industry experts on how we tackle the HGV driver crisis. Let’s face it the Government has completely failed to take this crisis seriously – we’ve already seen the consequences, with businesses struggling with supplies, medicines not delivered and dry forecourts in the last few weeks alone.”

“In the teeth of multiple unfolding crises of the Government’s making, ministers are missing in action, and the Prime Minister has gone on holiday.”

“If the government doesn’t act now, families could be left without the gifts they have ordered and the festive products they’ve been looking forward to, facing another Christmas ruined by Tory failure.”

Published by JimfromOldham

Labour and Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton

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