Constitutional outrage

The decision by Boris Johnson to suspend parliament has rightly been met with wide ranging criticism. 
As the clock ticks to the 31st October deadline to leave the EU, and no alternative withdrawal agreement in place it is clear we are being driven to a No Deal Brexit.

It is not usual, despite claims by Johnson and his spokespeople to prorogue parliament. Though the Tories have selected a new leader there is not a new government, there has not been an election, there has not been a successful vote of no confidence.

The effect of the move isn’t just that MP’s are sent out of Parliament, but critically that *any* legislation and parliamentary business automatically falls. That means any domestic laws making its way through parliament will be dropped, and there are hundreds of important Bills

It is also not acceptable that the Queen is dragged into a political constitutional crisis. As monarch the Queen has always stayed above party politics, which has been a great strength and stability (especially when so much seems in chaos!).

I will never support leaving the EU without a deal and I fail to see how anyone who has read the economic impact assessments prepared by the government itself can. 
Whatever your view on Brexit do not underestimate the chaos very likely to follow.

It is the chamber of the commons; I’m sent by constituents in Oldham West and Royton and not the government. I will support any move to establish a sitting parliament, wherever and however it meets, regardless of the move to suspend our sovereign parliament.

Published by JimfromOldham

Labour and Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton

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