Climate Emergency: Where is the action?

Our Parliament is the first in the entire world to have declared a climate and environment emergency, however there is no evidence that the government are indeed taking it seriously or at all acknowledging it. We have a duty to accept the emergency and then plan and act according to it and I’m pleased this was a focus at PMQs yesterday.

Figures released in April show that the UK is set to miss its own carbon budgets by an ever-widening margin, and last year saw the smallest drop in carbon emissions in the last six years – just 2%. We must wake up and intervene before this becomes irreversible.

Even worse, this Government has no authority on climate change. Three current cabinet ministers have denied the scientific consensus, and several current and former cabinet ministers standing in the Tory leadership contest have close links to climate change denial. They are towing the Trump line, be it Climate Change or Brexit, their intentions are not to protect the environment, our country or our planet

They act only in their own self-interest, they are in the pursuit of profit above all else. For example, the Tories continue to promote fracking which is only supported by 12% of the public, and effectively blocks green energy onshore wind project that are supported by 79% of the public according to polls.

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