Some good news on Freehold Metrolink station!

The issues of anti-social behaviour on and around the Freehold Metro link has been a problem since the line’s opening in 2012. I since elected to Parliament have been liaising with TFGM and local residents to reach a solution to this issue.

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Measures have been put in place such as CCTV, higher fencing to protect the homes of nearby residents who are unable to enjoy their gardens as youngsters throw ballast’s from the tramline and glass bottles over the fence which is a huge risk to their safety.

The current measures with the best intent have done little to address the issue so I was delighted to facilitate a meeting with both TFGM and the local residents to discuss further security measures. TFGM who have been absolutely fantastic and helpful throughout the process have agreed to install  mesh across the tram line to prevent youngsters from accessing the ballast.

The residents seem very happy with this approach and we look forward to TFGM providing us with dates and a programme of when the installation works will be carried out.

Great result – we got there finally slowly but surely!.

Published by JimfromOldham

Labour and Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton

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