Thumbs-up to Oldham manufacturing & restoring the Oldham Gallery

GETTING OUT and visiting people, projects and places across our towns is a part of the job that I particularly enjoy.  Last week I attended an event at Metconnect Ltd, a Merkle UK group company who hosted a marquee mini exhibition at their Oldham site of engineering welding, metal fabrication, machinery and technologies. There were over 30 world class national and international exhibitors showcasing their products, accessories, and services at the very successful event.
Metconnect 1
The Bloodhound SSC was also on view. The Bloodhound SSC is a unique high-technology all British project to design and build a car that will break the 1000 miles per hour barrier and set a new land speed record. Metconnect were the exclusive sponsors of engineering welding equipment and accessories for the project. They are the principle suppliers of technical support on all of the metal welded and metal joined components found on the supersonic car itself.

The event was a huge success, not just for those that manufacture in metal, but also for the wider community who may aspire to do so.

I also had a great time touring around the Old Gallery, which is soon to become a wonderful heritage centre supported by a brand new Coliseum Theatre. The Heritage Lottery fund support a wide variety of projects across the UK.
Gallery Oldham 2
I was met by Nathan Lee, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund, North West, and Annie O’Neill, Oldham Council’s Arts Manager. The insight into the Project and the overview of the work undertaken by the Heritage Lottery Fund was inspiring.
I was grateful to both the Oldham Gallery and the heritage lottery fund for hosting my visit and with this and the Old Town Hall things are looking very good for Oldham Town Centre!

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