Pitch at the Palace

LAT WEEK I proudly attended the Duke of York’s Pitch at the Palace event, hosted at St Jame’s Palace in London. I was there to support our 3 local businesses, who have been selected to participate in this event.  

Pitch at Palace Nov

Pitch at Place is a fantastic opportunity which supports start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with people or organisations that can help make their business ambitions become reality.

The entrepreneurs are selected from tours that take place at locations across the country. They are then invited to a ‘boot camp’. Here they are given strategic advice and support as well as training and mentoring on how to make their pitch a success ahead of the final event.

The final event took place St. James’s Palace where the selected participants pitched their ideas to an audience of prestigious and leading businesses, entrepreneurs and key investors.

This Summer, HRH Prince Andrew visited in Oldham to launch the Pitch in the Palace event here. The event, hosted by Wayra UK, saw 17 businesses pitch their ideas to HRH Prince Andrew, mentors, investors, CEO of Wayra UK and myself. Three businesses were selected to attend the boot camp on the 10th October 2017. These were: Driver Net, Music for Pets and Triple Tread.

From there, our 3 local businesses attended the final event last Wednesday at St Jame’s Palace.


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